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Just Like You – We’re Continuing to Grow and Evolve to Best Serve Our Clients Every brand has to stay...

By Courtney Stack

June 24, 2024

Just Like You – We’re Continuing to Grow and Evolve to Best Serve Our Clients

Every brand has to stay current. We help our clients stay in the spotlight and the time is right to ensure Karbo does the same.  We’re rooted in the rich legacy of founder and CEO, Julie Karbo, who worked alongside marketing legend Regis McKenna as he wrote the playbook for tech PR and made history engineering the ascent of industry giants like Apple, Microsoft and Genetech. Today, Karbo’s senior teams continue in this spirit to redefine marketing across industries for organizations of all sizes, delivering award-winning work as we usher in the latest and greatest  innovation. Since our founding over 24 years ago, Karbo has grown and evolved. And today, we’re embarking on an exciting new chapter. 

We recognize the intensifying pressures businesses face and how marketers are continually asked to produce more with less. Fiercely competitive markets paired with towering expectations for growth mean that the resources invested in marketing must deliver ROI quickly and effectively.  Our refreshed brand embodies the values we’ve always upheld: a deep commitment to growth, innovation, and impactful results, but reflects the evolving needs of tech companies around the world.  The new Karbo brand highlights the results-driven values and impact we make for our clients. We’ve honed what we at Karbo have called our Rapid Results Method, an approach meticulously designed to deliver measurable ROI both swiftly and efficiently. Our teams are geared for speed, initiating impactful actions for clients even before the ink on the contract has dried. This velocity and agility permeate every facet of our approach, from accelerated planning and ultra-responsive communications to expedited results across deliverables. We directly connect PR and marketing programs to concrete outcomes, employing advanced measurement and attribution methods to demonstrate undeniable value. By championing continuous improvement and swift execution, we transform the demanding pressure for greater results with fewer resources into genuine growth opportunities for your business.

Another important facet of our brand ethos, is that top flight communication shouldn’t be reserved for mid-size and enterprise companies only. That’s why we launched PowerStart, a service offering designed to give pre-Series A technology companies access to topflight public relations, content and digital marketing services at an affordable price. The program, available in a tiered pricing structure, provides small startups with the agility to choose the marketing areas that will best help them drive visibility, sales opportunities and revenue growth, secure partnerships, attract talent, acquire funding and more. 

It’s an exciting time at Karbo. We bring decades of experience to our work and senior-led teams act as trusted advisors to ensure that every initiative is strategically aligned with core business objectives – from strategy to PR, Content and Creative services, to Digital Marketing. 

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