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Karbo is an award-winning integrated marketing and PR agency serving technology companies worldwide.

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Who we are

Karbo is rooted in the rich legacy of founder and CEO Julie Karbo, who worked alongside marketing legend Regis McKenna as he wrote the playbook for tech PR and made history engineering the ascent of industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Electronic Arts (EA) and Genentech. Today, Karbo’s senior teams continue to redefine technology PR across industries for organizations of all sizes, delivering award-winning work as we usher in the innovations of tomorrow.

We’re based in San Francisco, the tech capital of the world—but with a global network encompassing North America, EMEA, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Karbo helps clients share groundbreaking innovation stories worldwide.

Industry recognition

Our Rapid Results Method

At Karbo, we recognize the intense pressures businesses face today—short runways and intensely competitive markets paired with towering expectations for growth mean that every second is crucial.

That’s why we’ve honed our Rapid Results Method, meticulously designed to deliver measurable ROI both swiftly and efficiently. Our teams are geared for speed, initiating impactful actions for clients even before the ink on the contract has dried. This velocity and agility permeate every facet of our approach, from accelerated planning and ultra-responsive communications to expedited delivery across deliverables.

We directly connect PR and marketing programs to concrete outcomes, employing advanced measurement and attribution methods to demonstrate undeniable value. By championing continuous improvement and swift execution, we transform the demanding pressure for greater results with fewer resources into genuine growth opportunities for your business.

Strategic agility

We’re always ready to adapt to changing market dynamics, client needs, and emerging opportunities.


We utilize data analytics and insights to inform decision-making and optimize strategies.

Execution excellence

We uphold the highest standards, maintaining attention to detail, and delivering quality outcomes consistently.


We’re laser focused on tangible outcomes and achieving predefined milestones within accelerated timelines.

Our leadership team

Exceptional results are driven by exceptional talent. We thoughtfully curate each senior-led team to align perfectly with our clients' specific needs, granting them access to invaluable industry expertise.

Where we’re located

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Washington D.C.

Athens, Greece

Results realized.

Discover how our aggressive, data-driven approach consistently drives business outcomes for organizations like yours.

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