Promethean, a global education technology company has been working to transform the way the world learns and collaborates. As designers of hardware and software learning tools for academia and beyond for more than 25 years, they were presented a unique brand challenge and opportunity with the industry shift around how we think about education that came with a global pandemic.

Promethean came to Karbo Communications to help educate the market on the new era of edtech and academia, and communicate their value proposition across multiple market segments. The company looked to drive traffic, lead generation and sales through an integrated PR approach. The agency saw an opportunity to educate the market on the importance of Promethean’s technology and ensure that decision makers were aware of the company’s credibility and differentiators. As a company in the conservative space of education, it was critical that Promethean work with a partner who could drive market leadership by driving education and differentiation via a thought leadership platform and an integrated content program.



  • Establish Promethean as a thought leader and go-to resource on key education topics 
  • Position the company’s solutions as essential tools for the modern classroom
  • Increase Promethean’s market visibility and Share Of Voice
  • Drive traffic and leads to the Promethean website to increase sales



Soon after the relationship began, Karbo Com was tasked with securing placements for Promethean in education-focused publications covering trending topics in edtech, amplifying upcoming announcements across corporate and product news, and securing prestigious awards recognized by Promethean’s target audience within academia. The team developed comprehensive strategies and launch timelines for each announcement, and through leading in-depth conversations with key subject matter experts at Promethean, Karbo Com began development of a compelling refreshed brand story and key market narratives around Promethean’s value propositions. The team also pursued podcast opportunities and industry awards to highlight the innovative work Promethean was doing to transform the future of education, as well as supported the Promethean team at key industry events, including ISTE, FETC and more.

Karbo Com positioned Promethean as a visionary team with a differentiated point of view in the future of learning and academia, remote learning, and edtech spaces. The agency worked directly with Promethean executives for media training and alignment on industry commentary. In addition to showcasing product innovation, the Karbo Com team created and pitched timely narratives across influential vertical publications, offering Promethean as the most reliable and knowledgeable resource on learning and collaboration trends. Additionally, Karbo Com created and deployed a content marketing strategy to drive organic search traffic to the Promethean website and strategically align the company with target keywords. The end-product included a robust series of search-optimized blog posts, infographics, and downloadable guides on key thought leadership topics for publication on Promethean’s resources page.

Over the last three years as Promethean’s market has grown, Karbo Com worked to evolve their established thought leadership platform to target the most relevant key vertical publications that would also resonate with their evolving and expanding customer base. As the multi-year partnership has progressed, Karbo Com has continued to drive impactful and integrated PR and content programs for Promethean.



Strategic PR work secured more than 270 unique media placements and contributed bylines for Promethean with compelling POVs, lifting brand awareness and generating leads for the company. The increase in brand recognition also helped lay the foundation for a successful spinout from Promethean’s parent company. Notably, the company has been covered by Forbes, EdTech Magazine, GeekWire, Education Talk Radio, ELearning Inside, EdTech Digest, EdTech Today, eSchool News, Trending in Education Podcast, EduTechGuys Podcast and more.

Karbo Com has also supported Promethean’s industry recognition through award wins including the EdTech Digest Awards, Tech & Learning Best of Show Awards, EdTech Breakthrough Awards, Best Brand Award and more.

​​The team also successfully delivered 18 blog posts, 2 comprehensive branded guides, 1 infographic, supporting emails, and social media content, which ranked among the most highly trafficked content on the Promethean website. Through Karbo Com’s efforts, site visitors spent an average of over 9 minutes on content, with several blogs averaging over 15 minutes, critically boosting meaningful engagement with the brand. As a direct result of Karbo Com’s efforts, Promethean was ranked as the #4 Google search result for keywords “student engagement,” and #1 for “future of student engagement.”

A sampling of media that have featured Promethean:

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