Scientists and climate experts predict that if global emissions levels are not drastically reduced over the coming years, Earth’s environment will no longer be able to sustain human life. From wildfires to rising temperatures, the effects of climate change and global warming are increasing rapidly. Both large conglomerates and emerging start-ups are realizing their responsibility to become part of the solution and want to take action – not only to protect the environment, but also to ensure the continuity of their business. Companies’ commitments to reach a “net-zero” emissions status have accelerated over the past year, with companies across industries – from oil and gas to manufacturing – announcing their commitment to help create a more harmonious and sustainable future. 

By putting automation, connectivity and collaboration at the heart of the platform, Sweep is the first to offer companies an efficient mechanism to tackle their indirect Scope 3 emissions, and turn net zero from a buzzword into a reality. Sweep’s founding team carries an impeccable pedigree in enterprise software and hired Karbo Communications to launch the company from stealth and announce funding to boost awareness in the US.



  • Launch the company and product platform from stealth, including a $5M funding round announcement and then subsequent $21 million and $73 million rounds
  • Clearly and boldly differentiate Sweep from competitors 
  • Accelerate awareness and adoption of Sweep through high-impact communications
  • Elevate executive team’s profile across key verticals, positioning as experts and thought leaders



Karbo Communications partnered with Sweep to develop a strategic PR and communications strategy to introduce Sweep to the market and contribute to the achievement of the company’s business goals. Leveraging the growing demand for enterprises to move to a net zero footprint, Karbo Communications focused on creating awareness among the business, clean tech and tech press, as well as market analysts and influencers via their media relations efforts. 

To further elevate awareness and credibility, Karbo Communications positioned Sweep as the promising brainchild of entrepreneurship and analytics experts. In addition to creating refreshing messaging reflecting Sweep’s smart yet approachable brand, the team began developing strategic thought leadership platforms and custom storylines for Sweep’s leadership team, securing contributed articles and pursuing speaking engagements and awards by emphasizing unique differentiators and points of view to make an impact among its target customer base.



Karbo Communications launched Sweep from stealth on April 28, 2021 and garnered nearly 20 total placements in key publications such as TechCrunch, Financial Times, VentureBeat, Cheddar TV and more, generating 54,000,000+  total impressions. But this was just the beginning for Sweep in their relationship with Karbo as they set out on a robust media and analyst relations program.

Over the course of the next 16 months, Karbo would work with the firm to bolster their market presence in climatetech/environmental, tech startup and business publications.  This includes coverage in publications like Quartz (“22 Startups (trying to) Decarbonize the World”), GreenBiz (“2021, the year of carbon software”) and Financial Times (“Companies grapple with Scope 3 emissions climate challenge”). Additionally, Karbo was able to secure a byline for Sweep’s CEO in TechCrunch about the emissions threat facing corporate America.

As Sweep announced its $73 million funding round in April 2022, Karbo was able to secure top-tier media interest while leveraging growing interest in climatetech.  The funding announcement garnered coverage in TechCrunch, Pitchbook, Fortune, Insider, TechTarget, ESG Today, and Protocol among others.  Perhaps the coverage that best took Karbo’s messaging for Sweep forward was the VentureBeat story “How Sweep helps enterprises calculate, track and reduce their carbon emissions.” It included numerous quotes from an extensive interview with Sweep’s CEO while also speaking to their thought leadership, such as their presence on the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and status as a founding member of Climate Dividends. 

Around that same time, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was looking to mandate emissions data from public companies to avoid “Greenwashing.”  With this as a hot topic, Karbo leveraged this news to conduct proactive outreach to key reporters, resulting in stories like Morning Brew’s “The prospect of SEC emissions disclosure is already boosting carbon-counting startups.” 

On the analyst relations front, Karbo was able to land briefings for Sweep leadership with the most influential industry experts at Forrester, Gartner and IDC.  The objective of these was to ensure these analysts understood exactly what Sweep’s business model was and what differentiates them in the market as these analysts are frequently called on by reporters to comment on the market. Additionally, as these same analysts put together their reports, it’s critical that they have all the best information and right from the source.

As summer came to a close, Sweep launched a new product – Sweep for Finance. This software is designed to help financial institutions track emissions of their asset holdings, ensuring they’re on track to meet their goals.  This is an area companies like Salesforce already have a foothold in, but Sweep was not deterred. Karbo’s efforts related to Sweep for Finance resulted in coverage like the Axios story “Sweep takes aim at Big Tech with finance software.”

On the awards side, Karbo helped Sweep land honorable mention with Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas and a finalist for LVMH’s Face of Innovation. This coveted recognition became part of the key talking points the company would use in their sales process.

All told, Karbo was able to secure more than 451 stories for Sweep. It’s the collective effort of the Karbo Com team that led Sweep CEO and co-founder Rachel Delacour to say the following… 

“Early in our partnership, the Karbo team secured glowing feature articles in TechCrunch and VentureBeat that helped boost our lead generation efforts online, expand overall brand awareness with our key audiences and attract VC interest. Their team has continuously provided seasoned, strategic counsel on the most effective ways for startups like ours to quickly gain significant traction in the U.S. that will help us achieve our overall business goals. Throughout everything, Karbo Com has provided a consistent and collaborative working experience that gives us confidence Sweep is in the right hands.” 

Sweep CEO and co-founder, Rachel Delacour

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