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Artificial Intelligence is dominating headspace and headlines and most knowledge workers are quickly finding that their roles will begin to...

By Courtney Stack

June 2, 2024

Artificial Intelligence is dominating headspace and headlines and most knowledge workers are quickly finding that their roles will begin to transform (if they haven’t already). At Karbo Communications, we’ve been working with AI startups for over 25 years, so AI isn’t new to us. We’ve helped drive awareness and success around monetizing AI technology and we’re lucky to partner with enterprise technology companies leading this new wave of AI innovation and discovery. Their work, along with an explosion of consumer AI tools and technologies – from ChatGPT to content creation platforms – have sparked creativity, debate, and action across our team about the role AI can and should play in increasing the efficacy and efficiency of virtually all marketing.

At our agency, we’re committed to deploying AI where it adds the most value for our clients and benefits the work we care deeply about doing, each day. Since the use of AI in knowledge work is largely undefined and unregulated, we’ve formed a group within the company that is responsible for defining how AI is used within our organization and how we extend the use of AI out to work performed on behalf of clients. As part of this effort, we’re consistently examining how AI can (and should) be used to further elevate the brand awareness and media results that we achieve for clients, while upholding the highest security and ethical standards.  We’ve initiated development of an internal code of ethics that provides essential guardrails to ensure the highest levels of security and legal requirements are met.

Considerations About the Value and Importance of AI in Public Relations 

When thinking about the value AI can offer PR practitioners, we see tremendous promise in terms of automating time-intensive research and enhancing creative processes that inform PR strategy, campaign creation and narrative development. Intelligent algorithms that find patterns in data that are undetectable to manual processes – for example, spotting nuanced information hidden in audience sentiment – strengthens the intention and strategy behind the work that we do for clients, and sharpens our ability to make the right connections with audiences.

A host of visual content creation tools – from PowerPoint generators and beyond – means hours spent developing the perfect deck can be dramatically shortened, freeing PR teams up for more important and strategic tasks.  We’re learning from that AI tools are adept at managing tabular data, so performing administrative and operational tasks, like creating budgets and forecasts, can largely be automated and edited versus starting from scratch.

Innovation from our Clients

Our valued clients like Hootsuite, Penguin Computing and Cornelis Networks play important and innovative roles within the AI landscape today.

  • Hootsuite helps customers harness the power of social to ignite their brands and businesses. As a global leader in the social media management space, the company recently launched an AI-powered content generator so that instant captions, post ideas and more are easier to create and more efficient than ever before.
  • Penguin Computing enables customers to capture value from emerging technologies like AI through a rich solutions and services portfolio that spans the edge, core, and cloud computing continuum. Penguin Computing has delivered an AI-optimized architecture and managed services for the AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) — Meta’s cutting-edge AI supercomputer for AI research.
  • Cornelis Networks delivers a high-performance network, enabling the infrastructure performance and scale required to run technical computing (HPC and AI) applications, systems, and workloads. Without Cornelis Networks, some of the world’s most important government research, life sciences, manufacturing, and commercial uses of this technology would not be as performant as they are today.

AI has brought us to a seminal time in PR and marketing.  How our work is performed and more importantly, how we deliver value that enables our customers to win is being rearchitected. Public relations activities that use AI technology responsibly, ethically, creatively, and intentionally will likely be the firms to drive enhanced value around brand and content strategy, community and audience engagement, media visibility and overall marketing value for clients.

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